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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Googie is so LA

If you love modern architecture you love Googie. What is Googie? If you have seen a sweeping arch or building shaped like a space ship you have seen a Googie building. The modern style known now as Googie was more or less created by John Lautner when he designed a coffee shop in West Hollywood called Googie's. Built looking like a Jetson's building Googie's inspired Lautner and his contemporaries to create spaces fit for the space age. Angles were re-thought and skewed, soaring lines and dramatic cantilevers replaced the Bauhaus box. Drive-in restaurants favored the style and made it popular. It was a new world and it was time for a new architecture.
Los Angeles embraced this new form of architecture and made it its own. To this day it is impossible to drive through LA without passing a Googie building. Made to be looked at from the seat of a convertible car Googie buildings are always a delight to the eye.

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